Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to embarrassing mums

I met Nate Davis in my previous house in Bournemouth when the Icelandic volcano destroyed his travelling intinerary and took his luggage to a better place.

He got in touch through Couchsurfing and night after night he just wouldn't fucking leave, so we put him in some stupid (and fairly scary) short films which are still yet to be put online.
We also discussed mums.

I enjoyed his conversations with his mum and he enjoyed my corresspondence with my mum (mostly via email; even when I'm in her house - such as today; see below)

This is how Embarrassing Mums was born; a blog on the elegant art of embarrassing your children.

If we share our pain, we're no longer victims.


My mum emailed me earlier today with this while I was 30ft away in the kitchen:

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